No backlink from article

I recently put two articles on two different sites with my backlink in anchor text. After submitting and approval my backlinks disappears. I add html code and it shows in preview window but not clickable in actual.

What are other sites like street article, go articles, ezine articles which allow backlinks?

We’ve been having a lot of success with the articles we publish on PR Newswire and PRweb.

Have you tried them?

You need to take it up with them. Not sure what you expecting anyone here to do about it.

You need to give your website link in Author Resource box. Some websites are not allowed links in body.

I also do have the same experience as yours. There are really some article directories that does something on their external links not to be crawled by the bot. If you encounter such directory then you better search for another. There are plenty of them out there.

What is PR newswire and PR web?

maybe the site you submitted is disallow a backlink… you must search the site which allow backlinking like dofollow site, wiki site, and others. I think PR newswire is pr for news site that you submitted an articles. PR web is your web PR

Its likely they don’t allow links are you placed them in the main body (most actually don’t allow this). I’ve never had any problem with Ezine, stick with them.

Are backlinks the only value this site gives you? If so I’d suggest rethinking where you publish your content or what your strategy is… SEO is an evolving puzzle and while engines have liked links for a while, I can guarantee you that with the growth social of indicators, they’re going to get better and better at figuring out what pages are being used and interacted with and what’s just link bait.

Using content to build up visibility and your position as an expert to get the attention of “real people” will provide a far more comprehensive and lasting benefit than writing for engines alone.

I suggest that you use the author profile for your backlinks instead of forcing it in the body of your article. There will be people who will look at your content, and some of them consider articles with unnecessary links in them as spam. Even if they fit, there are times that they aren’t really needed to be there at all. If you’re thinking of using those article sites for link building like that, better think of something new.

You didn’t mentioned about those two websites. Please share the websites name with us.
Second, is that happened only with your article or with all the listed articles. If it is happened only with you, the you must be sure about your HTML coding. Quite possible that you had made mistake while putting anchor tag.