No a programer, need a line of code

We are intergrating a IDX feed and I can not figure out a line of code.

CMS: Joomla
Top right hand corner “Quick Search”

Currently when you click the link it goes to their site with the result we want. We want it to go to our site, just like “search homes,” does.

I believe it is simple but my HTML is even simpler. The link should just point to a wrap page… but I dont know how to do that.


You need to modify the form tag in quicksearch.js to:

<form name='form1' target='iframe' method='post' action=''>

where “iframe” is the name of the iframe (wrap page) where you wish to place the result.

PS: the iframe should be available in all pages that contain the Quick Search Option.

Let me know if that works out.