Nivo Slider and CSS drop down menu problem in IE7

I am having a problem with the navigation menu’s drop down links showing up behind the image slider in IE7. It works OK in IE6, IE8 and Firefox. Can anyone please help me spot the error? I set the z-index but that doesn’t fix the problem in IE7.

The page is online here:

The CSS is in the HTML file for now. I’ll make it a separate CSS document when I work all the bugs out.

Thanks for any help!

you can remove position:relative from #navbar

Thank you melissapbr. That fixes the visibility problem. Now I have to work on positioning the child elements in the UL so they line up under the proper main link. Thank you so much!

I’ve got exactly the same problem with IE7 in that my dynamic menu is hidden by my nivo slider (I’m using it as a banner at the moment). Works fine on everything but IE7 but about 20% of site visitors use IE7. Can someone please help!


Hi strutsam, Welcome to SitePoint!

From here on out always be sure to start your own thread when you need help with something. It takes the OP’s thread off topic when we try to give fixes to two different pages.

For now though it looks like I can give you a quick fix for your page. It is a z-index bug in IE6/7. The problem is that you have set you have set your z-index in the wrong place with your nav. You set it on the sub UL when it really belongs on the parent div #category. Let’s go ahead and trip “haslayout” for IE7 also.

#category  {
[COLOR=Blue]min-height:0;[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]/*IE7 haslayout*/[/COLOR]

Works perfectly, thank you very very much Rayzur!

I just want to express my thanks to Rayzur for his answer to Strutsam’s questions.
I’m so thankeful that I made an account just to say thank you!
I normall hate it when people hijack people’s threads, but this time it was a life saver!
I spent 2 days look for the solution until I stumbled upon this post.

Once again, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I don’t even understand why that fix works, but it does and you just saved me a heap of trouble.

Thanks Rayzur!