Nikon d3000 w/18-135mm lens?


I need to purchase Nikon D3000 with 18-135mm lens… can’t find it with this lens anywhere, only with 18-55mm or a 300mm zoom (too long/heavy)… is it possible to purchase this model w/the 18-135mm lens? (it seems to me you should be able to purchase any Nikon w/any lens you want, no?? :wink:

thank you…

Both lens and body exist. You can buy both separately.
When Nikon offers different lenses, doesn’t mean they all have to be offered in a kit with the body :wink:
Lots of lenses are lots more expensive to be offered as a kitlens in a kit.

The 18-135 is possibly the best value for money lens on the planet.
The characteristics are incredible whilst the price is modest. I was lucky enough to buy it as a kit with a D80, and is versatile as well as high quality.
You can get faster lenses, but not a whole lot better lenses.

If this question hasn’t been answered yet, I don’t imagine it will be. Thread closed.