Hi all,
single niche or multiple niche, which types of blogs are better? I mean should i blog about only opne topics or several types?


It depends on your ability to write. If you choose a single niche for blog, it is okay, but if you choose general topics that is also good. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

most people prefer to stick with just one niche per blog, but its upto you

I would choose a single subject on which you have through knowledge. But then it depends entirely on you. General blog takes some time to set off and start getting any income.

I guess niche can still help but most percentage of getting a good profit will base on what you have to offer on your website or blog. Or if you got a really good content and fair amount of traffic, I am sure that the percentage of clicks will be more likely good to earn a profit.I think the most profitable way to run a blog is to actually sell stuff on it. It doesn’t matter too much what your niche is, so long as it is about something which you can directly sell products for. That way you bypass the middlemen and make direct sales to your visitors and theoretically more money than if you are relying onaffiliate ads etc.

Chk out this posting for different niche for your blogs:

I agree with you mate.

However, most of the bloggers preferred single niche only. That would make them concentrate and maintain one website.