Nice URL for users

I’ve always liked those sites that have an easy URL with slashes instead of GET methods everywhere since GET is very easy, but how do you make index.php?login plain /login? Is it by writing a php code that checks the URL and you can paste it everywhere? I’d like this ‘feature’.

I’m guessing you mean something like [FONT=Courier New][/FONT]? In this case the thread number is a seperate folder which contains an index.php file. The folder itself is created once a user creates a new thread, and obviously you’re able to create an index.php file at the same time and move it to the designated folder. However, that’s how I’d do it - but I remember seeing another method somewhere.

It is a feature of the server software usually termed mod_rewrite (if using Apache, other servers have their equivalent). The mod_rewrite tutorial we usually point people to first.


Have a read of the mod_rewrite tutorial linked in my signature (which is also resident here in the sticky threads albeit not maintained/updated).