Nice little booklet on SEO

Might come in handy for the SEO novice. :slight_smile:

Edit: A more accurate & better PDF recommended by JJMcClure. See post #4.

Thanks! It’s very nicely presented.

Yeah, I’ve just been looking at it here, it’s really compact and cute, I like how direct and to the point it is also, very nice for newbies indeed! Maleika, nice share, cheers :tup:

Yeah, only useful for complete novices really who absolutely nothing about SEO and I didn’t agree with everything in it, it talks about the importance of adding fresh content (really?), gives a very broad keyword density range and calls the Alt desc a ‘tag’ :nono::eek: and doesn’t mention the importance of competitive keyword research at all.

This is a much better one - Free SEO PDF e-Book – Google SEO Basics Guide



Sheesh - when will people learn!


I think the problem is with how that booklet presents the freshness thing. Anyone reading the following ridiculous statement might believe that all content deserves a freshness boost:

Matt Cutts tells us that some queries deserve freshness. But you know how the SEO lemmings like to generalise rules to avoid thinking.

That SEO booklet is not worth linking to. I can understand the pressure on SP “staff” to invigorate the SEO forum by stimulating discussion, but I would have linked to something a little more worthwhile.

SitePoint has nothing to do with it and I didn’t post it out of “pressure”. I have read the small PDF and thought it’d be a nice little booklet for novices, as I’ve said in my initial post. No one needs to read the link or bookmark it, if they consider it worthless.

@JJMClure: Thanks for the link. I’ll read that one as well.

Misinformation is bad for novices and gurus alike. Novices are going to read that booklet and think they have to aim for a particular keyword density (they don’t), and keep adding fresh content to get better rankings (they don’t).

Sorry, I wasn’t actually mocking. :blush: I’m quite interested in ebook layouts, and spent more time looking at that than the content (meant to get around to that later!). I agree with you: there’s no harm in a simple introduction for beginners. It did seem like a fair introduction to basic concepts to me, even if the finger can be pointed at details.

Well, you may not like the content… but the layout is so PRETTY!

@JJ - I’m going to check that out now, it annoys me though when you have to go through all that subscription stuff :confused2

Was this necessary? I “got” the message. No need to mock.

It’s never worthless, it’s always interesting to see what comes out of links to stuff like that.

The one I linked is one I only discovered recently but it’s written by guy called Shaun Anderson for whom I have a lot of respect. He’s a proper SEO who does the job full time, is passionate about it and has opinions based on a lot of experience and testing rather than just theory. He’s gradually making a name for himself in the SEO world.

Yeah, it’s an email capture device but I don’t mind getting his emails, they’re always full of interesting stuff and you can always unsubscribe later on.