Nextgen + Paypal Shopping Cart Integration Help

I need a Nextgen Photo Gallery Plugin, set up and integrated with a paypal shopping cart. Can somebody help?

I have followed the Instructions of WordPress Shop Demo Using NextGen Gallery and WP Shopping Cart | WordPress eCommerce to Integrate the Nextgen Plugin with paypal shopping cart.

I tried and came up with this Test Shopping Cart .

Issues I am Facing in my implementation;

  1. “Add to Cart” does not look like the button described in the Instructions Link Above.
  2. On Click of “Add to Cart” button I don’t get to see the Shopping Cart Contents as shown in the Instructions Link Screenshot.

Looking forward for help.

Thank you.

Did you already fix it? You seem to have working “add to cart” buttons and a shopping cart that shows its contents when the buttons are clicked.

Oh yes the thread can be closed now. I had not placed the Shopping Cart Image path in the Paypal Shopping Cart Plugins Configuration and hence the error.