Next time it starts getting up there in price

I did something that is heavily frowned upon here - work without a contract. I have known this client for seven years.

Anyhow, the re-design of the website is complete.

The client is paying but did say in the email “Next time it starts getting up there in price, let me know”.

How do I respond to that particular statement?

How do I handle this better in the future?

Work with a contract? :smiley:

Yes, I know. :slight_smile:

But, do I respond to that statement or just ignore it?

There won’t be a website re-design for quite some time, at least by me for this particular client. I will in the future work with a contract even for longtime clients.

It just means that the client wasn’t expecting such a high price.

It also means that you both didn’t communicate well. You didn’t manage his expectations, he did not state his expectations. Lack of communications is sure way to bring conflict.

Next time, use an agreement but also be sure to give him an idea of how much things will cost, and an update on that cost if it’s not just about what you predicted.

Yes, I knew immediately that the price was higher than the client expected when I received the email.

Live and learn.