Next Page Rank Update

I think this is been a long time passed when Google have not updated PR. So any ideas why they have not updated PR? and when will be next the PR update?

The latest Pagerank update is long due now. It has never taken so long for Google to update the Pagerank. I think it has almost been more than 4-5 months now. It might happen very soon.

They probably have updated, just not in the toolbar. Unless you are selling a iste or links from a site, it really doesn’t matter.

I think its more tan 6 months now. Do you think Google might remove pagerank in the near future?

yes. it’s so long time. But i have change in several month ago. Change from PR3 into PR4.

Now PR more mysteriously.

PageRank updates all the time, Toolbar PageRank - the cached snapshot of a particular PageRank “score” gets updated every 3-6 months. The only people interested in this value are those that buy/sell links - there’s no other reason you should be concerned about your PR value…

I think from the last April we haven’t seen any major update in Pr like Google use to do in 3-4 months of time period . Hope fully it will be in December.As per page rank is concern i think its one of the factors which effect SERP ranking.

Finally Google have updated the page rank.

Google updates it Page rank four times yearly. It is based on some factors like quality of inbound links, number of unique visitors, unique quality content etc. Wish you to read this article from King Pin SEO which explains some reasons.

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