Newsletter plug in

What is the best way to do an online newsletter sign up?

I would like users to sign up online for a newletter and then have the ability to easliy send out a newletter.

Are there good 3rd party plug ins out there…or is it better to export sign up data from an sql database and use contant contact or something like that.

I want it to be easy to use… but also not be in danger of having the emails filtered out by spam blockers.


If deliverability is important to you, then you need to use an email marketing service like Constant Contact. You’ll never achieve the same deliverability on your own server, and you’ll have a harder time keeping yourself off the spam blacklists than they do.

Thanks for the reply…
Is there an efficient way of getting the emails from a website sign up into contstant contact?

i can either have a sign up form that sends an email with the person’s email to the administrator and they have to hand enter it in contstant contact…
and/or have the email go into an sql database…in which case I still have to export the emails out and into constant contact.
I can only think of cumbersome solutions…so I’m thinking there must be an easier way…

There are lots of ways.

You can have your signup form send a mail to the subscribe address of your list, with the from (sender) address being the one entered in the form.

You can also use their API to add the e-mail to the list programmatically when the form is filled out.

You can also point your form directly to a URL on their site. Essentially embed their form on your page, and they handle processing the form.

Thank you so much!