Newsletter comment - Don't Save Those Receipts!

So I got Tribune #530 in my inbox today and saw this

Don’t Save Those Receipts!

Tax time is right around the corner (for my fellow Americans), and my least favorite part of preparing my taxes is finding all the supporting documents—most notably, the receipts. I’m fairly unorganized as it is, and usually have stacks of receipts to sort and file.

I’ve long wished there was an easier way to keep track of receipts, but a computer-based solution just doesn’t work for me: I never remember to sit down and add up all my receipts after a business trip or at the end of a long week. That’s where Shoeboxed really shines; it’s an online service that digitizes receipts, business cards, and other documents, and stores them online. The best part? After you’ve sent your receipts to Shoeboxed (either by email or through the mobile app), you can discard your receipt.

In the US, digital (scanned) receipts are accepted for tax audits and record keeping. If you’re outside the US, you’ll need to check to see whether they’re accepted in your country before throwing your receipts away.

Shoeboxed has a free trial and starts at $9.95/month

My first thought was - why not just snap a picture with your cell phone and save it to Evernote for free?

Cell phone cameras don’t usually offer fully readable photos of documents.

The description of Shoebox used in the newsletter makes it sound very similar to Evernote