Newsletter code

I have a newsletter system that is very basic. it is set to loop through 50 records, stop then I click a link and it does the next 50. its worked before. today it seems to not have done so well. I cannot say for sure, but it seems to have sent about 1/3 of the messages. There was no timeout thrown, no error message.

How many messages per loop is common to allow?
I was thinking to expand it next time to run through 1000, as the one I am working with it just under it. I am also going to email my server support, but I was just wondering how people are approaching this programatically.

How can you ensure the message was sent?
I bcc a copy of each one to myself. this is how I know the loop didnt function as expected.

I emailed out in batches of 250, this was BlueDragon 7 on IIS, no problem. Only reason i went that low is fear of being marked as spam (warning from IT dept).

I think one of your records is messed up. 50 at a time is nothing.

:confused: Just found out that my host is now limiting 300 emails per domain on their shared servers. I created a loop which sends in batches of 50 and generated just under 1000 once I think. Maybe they set this limitation in place because of this. I had no idea that many emails would cause a problem, especially to a subscribed list of people. Im very interested to know if this is common amongst other coldfusion hosts, because I really would like more capacity.

The scary part is that it threw no error, the host appears to have just blackholed all the extra emails I tried to generate. I am asking support for more clarification on how this limitation applies.

My plan is to make an email_spool table in my database with columns: type, subject, message, recipient, datesent (if null, then message is in queue)

Then make a query to monitor the recordcount where datesent = Now() is under 300.

I am going to save all contact and other form generated messages in this table throughout the day. Then at the end of the day before the loop resets, I am going to have it check how many normal messages were sent ( say 10 contacts ) then run the rest of the newsletter queue out for the day… say it would send 290 messages and then stop.

I think it would work. The negative of this is that its going to generate emails near midnight, which isn’t the best time for open rates.

Of course, instead of all that work, I could just switch hosts… something I am thinking about too. At the least, I am very interested in what this limitation is on other shared plans.

I think email send limits are common for site hosts. If you send lots AFAIK the best option is to find a separate email service provider. More $ but you won’t have to worry about limits, send times or risk having your site blacklisted.

I found out the limit is per hour. I should be able to work around this since I would only need a couple of batches to go out before its done.

I dont want to seperate this to a third party because the data that sends the newsletter has more CRM info on it that we want to keep.