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UX Mastery books now available on SitePoint

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with UX Mastery. This enterprising group have been educating developers worldwide about the importance of building great user experiences, and we’re pleased to welcome them as our latest publisher partner.

At SitePoint, we’re all about building incredible — and beautiful — Internet things, which should by definition be free of awkward interfaces and confusing interactions. We’ve been supportive for a long time of UX Mastery’s message that people are more important than technology, and we’re proud to offer their insightful ebook range to our members.

From today, UX Mastery’s three ebooks will be available on Learnable, our online learning platform. All Learnable members will be able to access the ebooks online, and annual members will also given the option to download them. If you’re not a member yet, we suggest you join to access these great titles, as well as the extensive SitePoint library. The UX Mastery titles are also available for individual purchase through Learnable.

Developers of all backgrounds and levels of experience can gain invaluable insight into the importance of UX with these brilliant books. Welcome to the SitePoint family, UX Mastery!

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offtopic but, this line:
From, by @Ophelie

ends up being 9px, at least in my browser with my settings. Isn’t that a bit small?

Agreed. There doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust font size in Discourse, apart from wrapping it in <small> tags, which results in the microscopic text you see like this. I’ve played about a bit with this and been unable to find a way to make text smaller than the standard, but not ridiculously so. If anybody knows how it can be done, please share.

Can’t <small> be styled?


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Of course it can. But to change the style sheet in Discourse, you need to open the secret box with the magic key, which is unfortunately buried along a ridge somewhere in the Himalayas, I think. So in practice, it’s not so easy. :frowning:


Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML >
Click on one with a (*)
In the CSS area put

small { font-size: 11px}

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