News & magazine-style websites that make the most advertising revenue

I’m currently trying to discover web’s best niche-news or magazine-style websites that are totally awesome at making advertising revenue.

Any one got any examples of magazine style sites that are really good at making money via advertising…and why they are good at it?

I also do research about magazine-style websites. This one seems to have good revenue.

Pastapadre is a great example of this. It’s a sports gaming blog, so basically anything from EA Sports, to MMA, baseball, basketball, everything sports gaming related.

They run new ad campaigns on the time and get tons of traffic for their niche.

Pastapadre does real well for two reasons:

  1. There are really no other alternatives that cover as extensively as Pasta does, while also staying so simplistic.
  2. They do original research on topics and often break stories with their own spin. They don’t just re-hash stories, they develop their own voice for those stories.