News from Manufactures website

I have a technology blog. I’d like post news from manufactures website about cpu, graphics card, ram etc…
I can rewrite and repost the news or i need the permissions?
is possible that all the technoly blog have permissions from manufacture website

Hi Valerio, welcome to the forum.

Most technology blogs don’t copy and paste news in its original form (directly from the manufacturer’s website). They rewrite the news, add insights that will be useful for their readers before publishing them on their blogs. As long as you are not copying and pasting the content 100% onto your blog, a prior permission is not needed in most cases. The companies will reach out to you with a request for removal if they found your content to be infringing their copyright and if you comply to the request, there should be no further actions taken against you.

Do note that if you are merely rewriting news, your blog will not have something that is worth the time of your visitors and this will not help it to stand out among all the other tech blogs too. Blogs often gain a following because of the insight or additional research on the news that the author(s) are able to provide.

I have written content for many, many businesses who sell branded products. I always ask if they have permission to use the info on the manufacturers website. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t I either get the permissions myself, ask them to acquire them, or find another road to travel.

Copy/paste or ‘rewriting’ from another publication (which is call a ‘derivative work’ under copyright law) is NEVER okay without the permission of the copyright owner. It is illegal as well as unethical. The copied website may reach out to you with a request for removal. They may also reach out to your webhost to have your website taken down, or they might just take you to court depending on the loss they feel your plagiarism has incurred for them and how deep their own pockets are.

Also to the point, if I want news or info about (example) Apple’s new iPhone, why on earth would I get it from your blog when I can get it either from Apple or from credible media that has gone to the trouble and expense of researching the subject and requesting Apple’s permission to use the information they have found along with their trade and/or service marks?

If you want to do well by your visitors – and you should if you want to be successful – then find original topics and write original content, acquiring the permissions you need if and when you need them. Writing for the web isn’t any different than writing for print. It’s a job. Do it right to be successful.

I’d add that, in addition to original content and topics, one of the key issues is to keep writing. Even if the content isn’t original, as long as it’s newer than similar topics in the search engine’s index, your chances are that you’ll be indexes higher up.

If you keep writing, how could the content NOT be original?