Style Suckerfish Dropdowns

Hey everyone,
I have a question regarding how to give my navigation a delay of about 1 second before the suckerfish dropdowns show up. This should only be an initial delay, and when you mouse over the other buttons there will be no delay. I find this works well on because you may not intend to look at the dropdowns by mousing over and they can get in the way.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: I am using jQuery 1.4, so hopefully there is an easy solution for this using this framework.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

The workhorse for this is window.setTimeout, which is what jQuery’s delay function uses.

You’ll need to have a variable somewhere that says “something is already open!” and then the delay is unnecessary. Then when the mouse leaves the navigation area entirely, this variable is reset.

I hope you will make your navigation system usable by keyboard too. Newegg’s is navigable (and the main nav items are links, which is good), but there is no visual aid to show you which is in focus as you tab through them.