I wanted to register a new domain .ro but I don’t understand why I can’t register one. I’ve tried a few different websites like GoDaddy and two other websites but they keep telling me that .ro is not avaliable.


It all depends on what rules Romania applies for allowing those domains to be issued. Possibly only registrars within Romania are allowed to handle them so as to ensure that they are only used within the country they apply to.


I might not be able to register one I guess.

Are these domains guranteed? I know that probably my .com domain will always be there, but I know that some domain extensions like .ro or .cc are controlled by different companies or countries.

I wonder what would happen if that company or country didn’t exist anymore, would all those .ro or .cc domains be deleted? I’m not sure if there is some law in place that would protect people who use those domains if anything ever happened.

I always worry about using anything besides .com to develop websites.

All of the two character top level domains belong to a specific country. That country gets to decide how their particular ccTLD gets used. Just because Tuvala, Frderation of Micronesia, Montenegro, Cocos/Keeling Islands etc allow their domains to be used by anyone at the moment doesn’t mean that they can’t change their mind and apply different rules in the future.

Does that work the same way with .com? They could change their mind and take it away from me later?

I get confused when I see some websites like GoDaddy advertise “.me Get the website that’s all about you!”… Or “.ws get your web site domain today”…

They make it sound like .me was intended to be a blog website with stuff about ME but its not… according to that. That domain belongs to another country.