Newbie: what kind of ads for my site

I wouldn’t consider myself a webmaster so bear with me. I’ve got a site that has some pretty good info on random careers.

I’m going to be adding more and more info. As of now I’m getting around 3,000 uniques a month and 4,000 visits.(I have a high bounce rate because people seem to find exactly what they are looking for via google search).

This is with zero SEO, which I’ll be working on going forward.

Anyway, I know those numbers aren’t gonna make much if anything on income, but I want to set up some ads and grow into it.

I’m curious what you all think would be the best route. Thanks in advance for the help!

You could try social spark or Pepperjam ads to find employment related affiliate programs and CPA offers. Depending on your traffic some of those can be viable alternatives to adsense.

  1. You’re not getting enough traffic to be worrying about ads yet… You’re probably making around $3 a month now?

  2. Hire a graphic designer to fix up your upper part of the site. It’s plain text and looks generic and reminds me of link-spam sites or those generic parked domain sites. You need more of a brand.

  3. Move the tower of google ads on the left somewhere else and put in a menu there, with titles (linked) of your 10 last or most popular interviews/articles.

Look at it all from point of view of someone arriving via a search. If the main article being displayed is not relevant, the next thing a person does before clicking “back” is trying to determine with a quick glance, whether or not this site could hold the answer they wanted via another page. If all they see is text advertising, and generic text header at the top, I don’t think they will bother exploring.

At a glance, they need to understand “What is this site about?”, and “Does it possibly have what I was looking for?”

Good luck.

PS: Don’t forget the power of imagery in conveying messages, meanings and themes.

Google AdSense ads are very easy to implement. They have good instructions on how to get going with the process, where to place ads, ad color customization, etc. This is probably the best programs for beginning folks to use.

A thought: Having a high bounce rate is usually a bad thing. It means your visitors are stopping by and immediately leaving. It happens on one of my sites because the site covers many totally different topics, so if folks stop by for one topic, they often aren’t interested in any of the other topics, unfortunately (even though I have links to other articles to entice them :-). But if you want your visitors to check out more than just one webpage on your site, then having a high bounce rate is bad.

Good luck.

Google AdSense is the obvious choice if you ask me.

Ok, thanks. I am aware of google adsense. I wasn’t sure if anyone knew if there were any specific ad programs that would cater well to a job site. Maybe adsense is still the best, just curious what everyone thought.

Thanks for the help though. Any yeah, having a high bounce rate can be bad but people do spend a decent amount of time on my site when they get there. Which hopefully means they are reading the interview they are interested in.

Plus, I’m curious. If people “bounce” straight off the site, would that increase the liklihood that they would click a relevant add to leave the site?

If a high percentage of your visitors really like the webpage (they found what they were looking for) - and you know that, of course, by a high “avg time per page” - then I think that bodes well for possible interest in ads - IF Google displays really interesting ads for your topic.

But in general, I don’t see any connection between a high bounce rate and the likelihood of someone clicking on an ad.