Newbie web developer - how to start working?

Hello everyone,

my name is Milos and I’m from Serbia.

I’ve been studying PHP/MySQL along with HTML, CSS and Javascript for a while now and I think I’ve learned all the basic stuff. What I don’t know I can usually find in reference books and online tutorials. I’ve done a few minor projects like a simple CMS and similar things and of the more interesting things that I’ve made is a script which scans local hard drive and finds folders that contain the same set of files (it’s a weird application of PHP, but I couldn’t do this in Pascal of FORTRAN and I know very little C++ and Java).

Now, I know that I still have a lot to learn if I’m to become successful web developer and I intend to do so, but I think that at this stage I need more practice than theory. I’d like to work on real projects, but everything posted on freelancer sites still looks a bit intimidating to me. I wouldn’t like to take a project and then fail to meet the deadline, or fail to do everything up to client’s desire. I like to do quality work, no matter what I do.

So, I was wandering if there is any way I could gain some experience by working alongside a more experienced developer, or perhaps undertaking a project on a voluntary basis.

Can anyone suggest the best way forward for me?

Forgot to mention this: I also have MCSA certificate for Windows Server 2003 and I know my way around Linux systems.