Newbie to Drupal!

Hi all,

I would like to learn Drupal from scratch. Could somebody tell me how much PHP knowledge is required to study Drupal thoroughly and how long it will take to become a drupal expert!!!

Thank you all.

Drupal is not easy to learn like wordpress.
If you are good in PHP then sure you can make your hands dirty with it.
You may not find much resources here, better if you go with drupal’s official site & of-course with google.


“Could someone tell me which PHP knowledge is required?”

If you are referring to cURL, MySQL integration or the likes, then it’s whatever you want to learn to better the software. Otherwise, PHP is a working Knowledge in itself.
(aka, the question made no sense.)

“How long will it take to become a Drupal Expert?”

Are you a quick learner, do you have any HTML, CSS, Javascript, or PHP experience? Are you reading tutorials about it? Are you just wondering aimlessly through code? Are you planning to spend 24 hours a day reading documentation / code / examples?