Newbie Question About 12 Column Grid

What are the guidelines for vertical alignment of items on the grid? Vertical columns control horizontal alignment, but there are no horizontal columns…so what about the vertical spacing of the elements and how should I determine that?

Second question…the grid has “margins” (10 px wide?) on the left and right. But there is no “top margin”–does that mean top margin is not an issue and I can place elements adjacent to the top of the screen?

Sorry about all the newbie questions, I think I’m over-thinking it…

What happens when you try it?

Also, is that picture what you are trying to accomplish? Perhaps it’ll be easier to explain with some code.

Anyway, vertical alignment is generally near the top-ish (baseline of the text) - bootstrap is defaulted to this because they use floats for the columns.

Perhaps you should just not think about it and just code up what you want, and then if you have issues, we can help.

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