Newbie: Login to display price code

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie to web design so apologies if this is quite basic or if it’s in the wrong area of the forum.

Anyway… For my website I need customers to register/login to see the prices of what I’m selling. Does anybody know away that I can do this please?

Many ecommerce systems support this with tiered pricing for customer groups. It’s not common [nor really effective] to hide prices completely without hiding the entire site but if you have a reason why people would want information and not listings I’m sure the same platforms could do that too.

As ted said, I"m sure the platforms themselves should have this feature by default with tiered pricing, but in the case that it does not, you can also wrap the prices in a new <div> and use either JS or PHP (php recommended cuz they can just turn off JS) to make it so guests can not see the price.