Newbie Hosting Questions Advice Please

Hi folk,
I’ve been building and setting up sites for a while, but recently running into problems with hosting and needing some advice; from your own experience. My current hosting company began upping and adding fees to the point where I attempted to cancel; and now they’ve got me locked out where I can’t transfer domain out; can’t get the EPP key to unlock it. I’ve emailed ICANN and the Hosts Father company management for their assist, in order to force action, but all I can do now is to wait. Will add that hosting company was recently sold to Indian company who’s swiftly digging their own grave (went to pot).
My question is how one might avoid this hostage situation in the future. My thoughts are to keep the hosting and domain in separate hosts and/or accounts so that I can always just adjust servernames. Anyone ever dealt with this before, or am I being overly cautious after rare catastrophe? Any advice on how to get this domain transfer accomplished, force their hand? Get justice?
The domain is a .com . Liquid page widths, did everything my self, but pages don’t yet wrap when using mobile devices. I’ll add that when I get past this hosting mess.
Regards, and thanks in advance,

Your situation is really bad… But I know one solution is to roast by twitter… write some negative texts in twitter… Ask your friends to retweet it… By that they will contact you and problem might get solved…

Unfortunately, no one from this is immune, and at any time anyone can select the domain. Of course, unless you are a large corporation with a department of lawyers.
Most likely it is necessary to give a resonance to this case.