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Hi. I’m new in the gig industry. Are there any advice, tips and tricks you could provide and teach me?

I appreciate all your replies.

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Hi bulaclacmc, welcome to the forums!

You mean in the “gig economy”? Like in taking any temporary job anyone offer in any field?

I’m afraid you’re too vague to get any useful answers.

My first impression was you were a musician looking for gigs. :slight_smile:


Essentially you would be “running your own business”. Although not having an employer (other than a client) can give you more freedom, it also gives you all tasks and responsibilities.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you take or audit a type of “business 101” course, the education should help avert an oversight coming back to bite you.

It isn’t as simple as “do some work, get paid”. You need to find clients, have solid contracts, manage time, record expenses and income, pay taxes, charge enough to cover equipment replacement, rent, and health insurance, etc. etc.

You want to know as much as you can before you get into it or you may end up learning the hard way.


Beginners trying to be a freelancer inevitably overrate their value. Freelancers typically are capable of getting work by having valuable experience. The dilemma is that freelancer work provides less learning opportunities than employment work but freelancing pays better based on how much experience the freelancer has.

Also, as a freelancer it is difficult to estimate how much time something will take. Something that a beginner might need 2 days to figure out might be possible in 2 minutes when done by someone with experience.

One critical piece of advice is to be sure that the requirements are clearly understood. You might spend much time doing something and not get paid because it is not what the client wants.

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