Newbie: First Windows VPS - Getting set up?

Hi all,

I’m a dotnet developer and I’ve just bought my first Windows Self Managed VPS which has Dotnetpanel as a control panel. Truthfully I’m totally lost as to where to start, and was just wondering about how to move forward and get set up.

The hosting company want to charge €40.00 per hour to help me, is that about right? The minimum charge is always €40.00, even if I want a small thing done.

How long would it take to set up a single domain with the usually web stuff FTP, EMail, Database etc.

What are my options for on-going support?


Maybe the Dotnetpanel tutorials at (you can see them for free, you don’t have to buy them) can help you setup your website.

Personally, I would have looked for managed VPS, or just went for shared hosting. Then support would have been there to hold your hand, at no extra costs.


I though I could upgrade to a managed VPS if I was stuck, bit it turns out my host doesn’t offer it, oh well! live and learn.

Thanks for the reply and the link to the demo’s, they’re pretty good.


Why bother with the panel? You should just be able to login and manage IIS, etc, from remote desktop. Which will work alot like your local machine.