New wordpress site redirecting url to wordpress install page

I just completed my wordpress website with my daughters help and from time to time when typing in my url it redirects to the wordpress install page . I am hosting with Fatcow. They have repaired it a few times but the issue keeps coming back. I have spoken to them and they say it is an issue with the site . They tell me mysql querries exceed my limit. I know nothing about code. I am wondering where to go from here. This problem keeps happening every 5-7 days. Even with my old weebly designed site , it was not search engine friendly so I only had about 30 hits a month. The weebly site never had this problem.Any help is appreciated.

I might consider moving to a different host, especially if they are saying you are hitting the limits for your account.

Yes I’d consider moving too. These days unless you are getting some serious traffic you should be able to get very generous hosting. It doesn’t sound from your description that you believe the traffic/queries is unreasonable. You could ask your current host for what they suggest as a more permanent solution if it keeps reoccurring. I’d be surprised if they haven’t already, and if they haven’t I’d be a little disappointed they hadn’t taken the initiative.

Thanks for the replies. Fatcow told me it is an internal problem in the website. The errors say I have exceeded the 75000 query limit. Since I don;t get that much traffic I am wondering if there is an error in the coding in the wordpress site I created that is causing this. I did not have this problem for all of 2012 with a weebly site I had created on Fatcow. I have researched a little and I seem to find other people have had similar problems . They seem to say it has to do with data tables in the php admin files . I know nothing about this, I don’t know code. I am slowly learning. But since other people have had a similar problem I wonder if it is my website and not the server?

75K per what ???

WordPress is very database dependant. And any plugins you are using might add to the number of queries.

One thing you could do is “hard code” as much as possible in your template files. eg. instead of getting the site’s root URL from the database hard code it in.

*Please save backups before you start changing any files, you’ll be glad you did.

I have faced this issue with my clients website, and I got the same answer from my hosting company. It happens when somebody is targeting your website with some tool to hack it, in this method they will send unlimited queries at the same time and your hosting would be unable to complete the request. I would suggest you deactivating your plugins specially contact plugins and try to install any other contact plugin and check the effect.

I have not installed any plug ins to my site.

My site was working for a few days and today it redirecting again. This is the response fatcow hosting gave me.

On a shared hosting platform, there are practical limits to the amount of resources we can dedicate to individual customers. If this becomes an issue for you, you may be able to reduce the number of queries you are running by using application-level caching, combining queries or taking advantage of nested queries wherever you can. As a temporary fix for this issue you can delete and recreate your user however this error will still come back if you do not condense the amount of queries your script uses by optimizing your SQL usage. Below is a link that should help show you how to optimize your MySQL usage:
If you have any further questions, please update the Support Console.

Any further ideas or places I could seek help is appreciated. Thanks

I think somehow your website is sending them so many SQL request perhaps some hackers, it will happen in two cases if you are getting a lot of visits or else someone is sending too many request by some tool etc.