New wordpress blog posts appear at BOTTOM of page, not the top . . . why?

[B]See my page here[/B]. The “tombstone” post was my newest, most recent. My question is why the newest posts I make are always appearing at the very bottom of the page and not the very TOP? I have a custom theme by the way, along with the latest update version of WP so am at a loss as to how I can figure this out. Is there anything else in my settings I need to be aware of?

The date on the post indicates the “tombstone” post is your oldest, not your newest. The date on the “tombstone” post is Jan. 10, 2014 and the post at the very top is dated Feb. 28, 2014. Newest at the top.

correct…so why is that post at the bottom (To0mbstone one) saying I published it on January 10 when in fact I published it today (March 4th)…why is it appearing at the bottom when in fact it should be appearing at the top and dated March 4th…???

There is no setting in the Wordpress admin panel that would result in this. And it is unlikely the database is corrupted. The only thing I can think of is your custom theme has some code in it that is separating the post bodies from the post date and sorting it differently. Your dates are incorrect with your post bodies in ascending order but your post numbers (the id attribute of the article elements) are in descending order as they should be.

You are going to have to do some troubleshooting. Start by reverting back to the default theme, checking the post order, make a couple test posts, evaluate. Also check the time stamps in the database in the wp_posts table for your new test posts and ensure the date and time is correct. If it is correct, then you know the problem is not with the data going into the database but after it comes out.

If you don’t see the problem disappear after that, then start disabling your plugins one by one and re-evaluating each time to see if the problem disappears. Finding the problem should not be difficult. It will take a few minutes of time on your part to isolate where it is coming from. When you know where, then you can look for why the problem is happening.