New Wordpress blog for hairstyles for men topics

Hey all, i had just started hairstyles for men blog and would like to promote digitally, so i would like to know which platform is better, google blogger or wordpress blog.

“Better” depends on your needs. If you need a lot of help figuring out your blogging software, I suggest Wordpress, simply because there is a lot of information online about it. If you are more advanced than that, then work on being a better writer of excellent blogs. If they contain great content, you’ll draw people no matter which platform you choose.

Explain “Better,” and you may get better answers to your question.

As @StevenHu says, the quality of the content is much more important than the choice of blogging platform.

But it does seem a curious question to be asking after you’ve launched the site. Do you have some particular doubt about the platform you’re using?

depend on what you need, if you want platform improve SEO better, I think you could use Wordpress

@Markco92: please could you explain why you believe WordPress is better for SEO than Blogger? AFter all, Google owns Blogger, so I imagine they’ve given some thought to SEO.


I’m also newbie, as my opinion, wordpress blog support SEO better than GG blog with large of themes and plugins you can use and make it better on yr site. Of course depend on what you need but if you have no idea, I recommend you consider about that.

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