New website, Same URL, Google Analytics

Hi all.

We’ve just relaunched our website on the same URL (ie completely new website build hosted on a different server).

The google analytics is setup and tracking fine. But i am wondering, is there some way i can tell Google Analytics that “Today its the new website” so we can more easily track and see the stats from old website and new website?


relaunce new website with a same url, same topic or different?

its the same brand/product/service. just a new and better website.

What’s more easy than simply selecting the appropriate date range for old and new? If you want to, you can even compare stats for 2 different timeframes. That can work for comparing stats for old and new website. Click on the date range and then check the box for Compare to Past.

ok so looks like no feature exists for this type of thing. i was just wondering.

I suppose you could create a new profile within the same account for the new website. I think this clutters your dashboard though. For convenience and ease of use, I’d use just the one profile, but that’s just my personal preference.

If you do want to use a new profile, go into your GA account and click on the “Add Website Profile” link at the bottom. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. You would then need to replace the old GA code with the new GA code for this profile on all your pages.

Actually, thats a brilliant idea - thanks for the help!

No problem :slight_smile:

My hero :blush: