New web design blog

I am currently putting together a new web design blog and would be interested to know what people in here would be most interested in reading regarding web design. There seems to be a big focus on jquery just now so I may put some tutorials together looking at that. I am fairly experienced in web and graphic design and just want to pass on some knowledge to web design enthusiasts. So any suggestions are most welcome.


I like simplicity in design.

Tips applying some of Maeda’s laws of simplicity would be a godsend. Unique tricks of hiding things until their wanted/needed would be cool. Especially the stuff that hasn’t been thought of yet, or better ways to do existing methods.

Good luck!

Hello Lisa, have you tried wordpress?

I’m sure there are people interested in every topic under the sun. It’s like asking what is the best music… Everyone will have a different opinion. My advice (which is probably not worth a cracker) is to write about what you are good at and what is most of interest to you.

yep but I didn’t like it though. their templates look odd… just my impression

you can use wordpress

Wordpress theming has reached next level with more and more functionalities getting integrated and built up using wordpress.
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Yahooo, I’ve found you! it was my question. I’m planning to create my own site but I am not quite computer savvy and have no desire to start learning programming.
Found several website builders on the web. Do you have any experience working with them? Can I create a decent website using one of them? Their samples are nice but I will destroy everything :frowning:
So you blog post with the builders overview will help me greatly. Thanks!

Is you the CSSCENTRAL your new site?

How many Wordpress templates have you looked at? Just those supplied with the install? There are thousands of WP templates available for all kinds of sites. There is also a simple WP template building program called Artisteer - though I anticipate hoots of derision for mentioning it!

If you could provide information (here or in one of your own topics) about the kind of site you are planning, and links to existing sites that bear a resemblance, someone may be able to suggest a template for WP or another CMS that is most suitable.

Off Topic:

Well, this is the Design forum, so what else could you expect! :lol:

/* wipes off noisome tomato :injured: */

Caveat: Artisteer provides a point and click list of options that determine the layout and look of a generated template. Whether this - or the use of pre-designed templates - can be termed “design” is for individuals to decide (and engage in debate about if they choose).

It’d be a lie to say I wouldn’t touch Artisteer with a bargepole, because I have, though wearing very thick gloves, welding goggles and the door bolted. It’s not something I’d use for production, and yields yucky code, but probably fits the bill for some people.


Of course. I was just being cheeky. :smiley: I’m impressed that you can navigate around a browser with a barge pole, BTW.[/ot]