New way to recover abandoned carts - Thoughts?

Hello everyone,

This company has introduced a new way to recover abandoned shopping carts. It seems like a real step up from most of the other e-commerce solutions for cart abandonment, mainly because the technology is given away for free.

Check out this video that I found, here’s the link:

I guess my questions to the community is, what do you guys think of the way this company is offering cart recovery? Would you guys use it? What concerns do you have about this approach? Discuss.

This isn’t a new idea or unique to this company by any means, in fact it’s been discussed for years and there are entire case studies on it. In total most etailers who I have seen implement the idea keep it around – it’s a good for getting back anywhere from a few percent to the low teens in “lost” conversions generally by coughing up an offer. Lately a few sites have found success not even using an offer but merely reminding people that their cart is still waiting… which makes sense given that people often start shopping then leave to do something else.

It’s important to be very transparent with this approach, clearing get an optin before you email anyone and remember that it’s a day average for someone to order online and more for high touch items, send something too soon and you may upset them, too late and it’s a lost cause.