New way to lose customers

Decided to share. Some businesses that sell on the web in the US have found a new way to turn away customers. It happened to me :slight_smile: A few stores later found one that would ship to me.

I have a PO Box. So when a store has a we do not ship to PO Boxes the first thought is they use UPS or Fed-Ex. That is not always the case. Since the only time I check the local box is well, only when a store tells me a shipment went USPS, its about 2 or 3 times a year. And yep a few shipments end up back at the store. :slight_smile:

So USPS has a new check the mailing address service, sound good, except for people like me. If the address label is written a certian way USPS will route the shipment to my pob automatically.

Physical Address
POB number
city, state
Zip-(4-digit for PO number)

Since the other carriers do NOT use the 4-digits they don’t care. Only with the new online check the address service, it gives a different last 4 digits for the zip. And shows a bad address.

Me I shopped around and found a vendor that liked my address. so 4 other stores lost a sale, course I could write that a store with good customer service gained.

More often than not it’s a matter of fraud and validation. PO boxes offer a great amount of anonymity not to mention forwarding on – risky when you have an entirely faceless transaction process to begin with. Thus many sites don’t ship there.

There are of course also issues with carriers – and yes it is still very common for a PO box to reject a package. Independent shops generally sign & hold them but the post office [which has a huge number of PO Boxes] does not. Returned packages are bad all around.

Thus the question for sellers is the potential losses [how many people try a po box] versus the savings [less fraud, returns, calls to handle about reroutes]. If the savings outweigh the benefits it’s worth losing your sale.

The solution [for you] is of course to go to a place that gives a real address rather than a PO box number. There’s generally a little more paperwork and it costs a couple bucks more but easy solve and helps with far more than just online orders.

Just did an order and the site allowed me to CHOOSE (okay they could have a nice we ship UPS line :-), but what they did excel at was having a box that shows up saying this is NOT a USPS address, and giving me a chance to choose my modified addy that will get mail UPS and USPS where I want it go. :cool: