New user wanting to do courses offline

Hi guys, sorry for some rookie questions or anything that may have already been posted.

First of all I have a Premium account, however I was wondering if was separate from the Premium pages (or is Premium was a completely different beast alltogether from the rest of SitePoint), as my login didn’t appear to work here :confused:

Secondly I’m a tad frustrated that the ‘courses’ can’t be completely run offline - that I would have to download each individual component - ie vid, pdf’s, zips, etc separately, and that the course interface is not downloadable at all. Admittedly this is a bit sooky, but I mistakenly believed it could be conducted ‘offline’ when I opted for a Premium package, as I spend about 4 hours a day commuting without internet connection so was hoping to do this coursework in that time. Is there any plans town the track to make these courses more portable, or even any workarounds?

Cheers! K

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@Ophelie, could you please bring this up with the relevant persons at HQ?

Hi @Krystal_Biggs, and welcome to the forums.

Just to address this part of your question, yes, the forums and Premium are part of the same company, but they run on different software - hence the need for two different log-ins. However, I believe this is one of the areas currently being worked on to further integrate the two, so eventually one log-in should work everywhere on SitePoint.

Hi @Krystal_Biggs, welcome to the forums (and to Premium)!

You’re right, that’s pretty frustrating. At the moment we offer book downloads (as you would have seen) but course downloads are still inelegant. It’s one of the project we’re working on.

We’ve also had a few requests for making our screencasts downloadable. Would that be helpful? Screencasts don’t have PDFs and code samples, as courses do, so they are simpler to download and store.

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