New to writing

Hi im new to writing. its a passion ive always had and ive decided to start a new blog and have written an article on mindfulness. take the time to give it a read if you have the time. any feedback is welcomed. good or bad.
thanks in advance

It’ a good start. I found it a little difficult to read because the ideas aren’t that organized.

I suggest you write an outline before you write. It will help you organize your thoughts, making it easier to guide your reader through your ideas.

A blog about the poisonousness of fake news - now that’s a great idea. Good job content-wise!

Otherwise, I would strongly recommend you to juice it up a little. You ain’t got a single picture on your front page and the whole blog design looks quite dull. We live in over-visualized times and I’m afraid you won’t succeed in revolting against them. :slight_smile:

I stopped reading after one paragraph. Have no idea what you are trying to communicate.

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