New to Wordpress

Hi I’m just about to start Wordpress and I just wanted to clear some things up.

So it is totally free to use, is there a premium version? Or is the only thing that cost money is using some plugins and themes.

There are two things commonly referred to as WordPress.

“com” and “org” - same thing - but different.

You can download WordPress - the code - at “org”

If you want to use it in a website, you need to take care of the domain registration, hosting, etc.
Some themes and plugins are free, some are premium, or you can write your own code.

You can host a site at “com”

A “basic” site is free, but because it is a WordPress “multisite” there are limits in place as to how what is available to use as themes and plugins.
And there are some restrictions on what kind of content you can post.
If you want a custom URL or anything else more, there are paid plans.

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Thanks for your reply.

So if I just wanted to upload a Wordpress site that has a 4 web pages on it and some plugins on GoDaddy or 123 reg that would be totally free to do. Ive just got to connect to my domain?

The WordPress code is free to download.

The host and domain, probably not free.

Some hosts have “one-click” installs, but even if you need to set things up yourself IMHO it isn’t that difficult - YMMV

The WordPress Codex is extensive and just about anything WordPress you might need to find can be found there. Including free themes and plugins.


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