New to wordpress and having problems

I’ve designed my own themed website and tried to incorporate it into Wordpress. But it is not looking the way that I want it to.

I’ve uploaded a HTML only version without Wordpress installation aswell, , this is basically how I would like my site to look.

As you can see the Wordpress version has quite a few errors, the navgation design is not showing the little drop shadow tabs, the h2 heading Welcome to Clogs for Women does not have its pink background, and not aligned correctly.

Also the blockquotes are not aligned correctly with the clog images.

In my HTML version I have used a main style sheet, and another stylesheet home.css that loads just for the homepage.

I have tried to achieve the same with Wordpress by uploading the home.css file aswell, although it shows in the wordpress editor file list, it is not functioning with Wordpress as I intend to.

Thanks Anyone:)


Have tried looking at your site to see if there’s anything that strikes me, but the link doesn’t work - is it still live?

There must be something wrong with the CSS script of your theme plate.

Did you correctly link to all your CSS files in the index.php of your theme? I looked at your homepages HTML and it looks like your only linking the “style.css” and not also home.css like you mentioned.

Also try cleaning up your CSS, in your header it looks like you intermingled some inline CSS but declared it twice (you have 2 <style type=“text/css”>'s in your header) might be causing some issues related to the cascade.