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i want to learn to build a website from scratch what do i have to learn to build websites,do i need any programs

The following is a list of basic knowledge in Web Development you should know.
Basic Web Page

  • HTML
  • CSS
    Basic Web Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
    Programming & Database
  • PHP
  • MySQL

At very first you should read basic things regarding design basics, HTML, CSS, HTML Editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver, web design software such as Adobe Photoshop etc. because they are the basic requirement to build quality and good website.

And after reading basic things regarding them, do start to make web design from initial level such as make banner, simple logo, layout etc. through the help of online tutorials and other website’s design and design the same thing by yourself. After getting confidence in basic things try to design banner, layout by yourself by adding your creativity in it because practice is most important thing in web designing.

Refer this link to learn how to build website step by step in detailed way.

I don’t see Javascript mentioned here…I was going to learn that after I’m done with CSS, but should I concentrate on Photoshop/PHP/mySQL first? I’ve taught myself HTML and now working on CSS, and learning it on Dreamweaver (only in code mode, not design mode).

Follow up question (sorry to hijack thread), but can I learn these at the same time or should I concentrate on one at a time?

I think you should find out about the blog before. After understanding the blog you will know how to program a website. Because these two are the same, but blog is located in the lower level

If you want to learn basic web development, you should learn html and c language first. These languages will help you to learn designing methods and logics of programs.


You could learn more on website from basic to advance…check out the w3school(dot)com


Building a complete website involves both designing and developing.
For designing , you need to learn software like Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator for preparing a template of design and html and CSS for doing coding of designing.
For building complete functionality of a website, you need to learn programming languages like PHP, java, .Net in which you want to prepare your website.
For programming in such languages, you must have understanding of C and C++ languages.
Also, need to learn database languages like Sql server or oracle for storing the data.

Start with Dreamweaver and use their template to get started

Hey djay,

This really depends on what sort of sites you want to create. But in my opinion a lot of things that used to be javascript, is possible to do it with CSS3 now. If you learn HTML5 and CSS3 which is an ongoing thing as you design and develop, you can just implement the JS and php where needed. Sometimes I need to relearn parts of JS to implement them into sites I create.

So it is completely up to you what you learn and when you learn :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


to learn the web design and development yo need to learn various things…First start from the basics i.e. HTML and CSS…
then JAVA SCRIPT ,PHP…w3schools is the good site to learn the basics of web development.

I agree that learning HTML is a must. And learning CSS is too unless you want something plain looking (and who wants that?)

But I disagree with those that said one needs various software eg. Adobe.
It is quite possible to work using only a simple text editor.
IMHO software applications are a tool that can be used to make work easier, but are not necessarily needed.


All you really need to get started is a good text editor (there are many available for free, whatever operating system you run), some time and determination and a few good resources. I find/found books useful, and reference websites. You’re on one right now - a ton of knowledge to be gleaned for free, and optional video lessons and books.

Photoshop is kind of the industry standard for graphics manipulation (and to some extent design), but it is not 100% needed, there are decent cheaper alternatives, and one or two good free ones :slight_smile:

If you’re looking to get started in building websites you would want to focus on designing them and then basic coding of them. So get started with photoshop and do a few tutorials on web designs and learn HTML and CSS, these are the two main languages to get started with and you can do so much with them.

and after that you must learn the java script too and sql database.

I notice that no one has mentioned using a CMS system like Wordpress, which is probably one of the most sensible ways to build a website these days. While it’s not necessarily from scratch, you still have the option to play around with the CSS, JS, and PHP to customise it.

There’s a handy guide here
New To WordPress - Where to Start
Installing WordPress
but the overall process is fairly straight forward.

Hope that’s useful.

Thanks everyone.

As the OP hasn’t been here since the first reply was made I think it’s safe to say they have made their decision and moved on.

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