New to Google AdWords

Hi all,

I designed a basic site and although I stressed the importance of adding lots of content, the client’s have not been able to do so. There are a few pages on the site but most of the pages do not have much in the way of textual content.

Now they want their site to come up in the first page on Google when a particular keyword phrase is entered into Google.

I’ve been in contact with a SEO company and they are charging in the region of £900 for the first stage as well as a monthly plan to keep on top of things (won’t go into details of what they offer) and that is £400 (6 months) or £350 (12 months)

The client doesn’t want to pay this much so I suggested that the best I can do is look into advertising direct through Google.

I’m confused about the costs though.

This is what Google showed me.

Activation fee: £5.00
Minimum cost per click (CPC): £0.01
Minimum cost per thousand impressions (CPM): £0.15
Minimum payment: (applies to prepay only) £10.00

So does this mean that apart from the activation fee £5 and the minimum payment £10 the only other charges are 1. when a visitor clicks the link and 2. when the Ad appears in Google’s search results more than 1,000 times?

This all seems to simple and to cheap so I assume I am misunderstanding something?

To me the above looks like this. I pay no more than £15 to get an Ad on the left or top of the Google results page when the keyword phrase is used and no other costs will be incurred unless the Ad is shown more than 1,000 times or someone clicks the Ad.

Could someone please clarify this for me?


Hay thanks for the reply…I think I’ll leave it to someone else, not an area I want to get into :slight_smile:

it depends on which keywords/keyphrases your client wants to be located number one.
It depends on the competition between advertizers using adwords.

0.01 is the minimum bid, but hardly any keyword can be used at this rate, maybe if you wanted to be number one for the keyword “truiopirte” but then you wouldn’t need adword.

google adwords tool is where you can get an idea on how much your max bid should be in order to be on position 1-3.
It doesn’t mean that you will always pay this amount for one click, because it is dynamic, it depends on which bids from other advertizers on the same keyword as you are active at the moment of the click.

Hey James, thanks for the reply.

Is there a way then to find out how much a specific keyword phrase will cost per click?

I tried using the Google AdWords tool

But it didn’t seem to show me any information on how much it would cost?