New to to structure HTML

So I don’t know much about blogs, never set one up before, but I’m not a stranger to correct mark up.

My buddy has a a site and on his home page there is a blog. It didn’t take me long enough to see there was a big problem. Every blog entry, the title was an H1. His homepage has around 12 different H1 tags.

#1) Is the homepage bad place for the blog? (It is a recording studio site not a blogging site, but they like to make updates about their clients and work)

#2) How do you write correct mark up for all those blog entries? Is each title an H2 or H3?


Most of the time, the blogpost titles are H2 tags.

Usually in my themes I use this structure:

<div id="post_(num)" class="post>
    <h2>The Title</h2>
    <p class="date">posted on ...</p>
    <p>Your post.....</p>

1.) It really depends on the type of website. I rarely, if ever have the blog on the first page. I usually always dedicate a separate blog page and have the index or main page be different then the blog, widgets, sliders, etc… You can change the default “Homepage” and blog in Settings>Reading (wp-admin of course)

2.) What do you mean by correct markup? How do you re-write the way the blogs are displayed? Sorry, the question was just a bit confusing for me.

Edit your theme CSS, you can specify there which H tags you want to use like h2…h6 as par your need for the post title.