New to advertising questions

I am thinking about adding some adverts to one of my sites and need some guidance with:

1/ Privicy policy: Is it just another link on my pages to a page containing a privicy policy?
Its a bit strange as I have done some looking around and find that a lot of sites with advertising do not have a privicy policy, a dead link or a very hard to find link.

2/ How the new european cookie laws are going to effect things - do I need to make an opt out button some how? What will the advertisers think to that.

3/ Am I allowed to add the same advert to every page with php - so when I say how many page views I get a day it would be a total for the whole site not just for instance the index page?

I’ll try to answer your questions, although I’m not sure I understand them completely.

  1. Privacy policy. Why are you asking about privacy policy in connection with advertising? Is it because the ad network you are considering requires you to have a privacy policy? If so, then the policy itself would be just another page on your site, and there should be a link to it from every page (as far as possible). Just look at any well-established site (including this one) for an example of how it might be done.

If I’ve misunderstood this question, perhaps you could clarify it.

  1. European cookie law. My understanding is that this won’t affect the sort of third-party advertising we are talking about here (if it did, many hundreds of thousands of sites would be affected). But other people in this forum are more knowledgeable than me, and will confirm or otherwise.

  2. Adding ads with PHP. Again, I don’t really understand what you are asking. If you want to use PHP to generate the ad code, rather than manually inserting it in your HTML, then that’s entirely up to you. The ad network doesn’t know or care about that. Their crawler can only see the finished pages, regardless of how those pages are produced.

You asked about having the same advert on every page. Most ad networks don’t give you any control over the actual ads you show. They automatically serve the ads that they think are relevant to the page in question. Also, I don’t see what that’s got to do with the total number of ads per day being the same as for the whole site.

I hope this is of some help. If it isn’t, perhaps you could explain your questions a little more clearly.


  1. Correctly interperated my question - I will put a link in the footer to a privicy page.

  2. I have looked around and there is a lot of confusion about it.
    I think this is going to be difficault to introduce anyway as people could land on anypage.

  3. I have a sidebar that I will include on every page and this will contain a skyscraper ad link. I did not know if I had to specify a particular page and only have the ad link on that one page.
    The ad network want to know how many page views per day I have before I join up. I did not know if the ad was to go on one particular page I needed to specify how many page views for that one page. As the ad link will be on every page of the site I will tell them the amount of page views for the whole site per day.

Thanks for the help Miki and hopefuly all will ge well now!

Regarding your third question: I understand what you are asking now.

It’s almost certain that they want to know the total page views for the site. I’d say that that’s the figure you need to give them.

Good luck with this, and come back if you have any more questions.