New subscription business with content provider partner

Hopefully this is the right forum … here’s the scenario

A new online business is launching where members will pay a monthly subscription to download music from an obscure music genre. I will have someone managing/uploading the content to get it off the ground and the longterm plan is to have artists upload their own songs.

I have already worked out all the copyright issues… my issue/question is to how to fairly compensate the content manager after expenses… there is minimum overhead…

My train of thought is to initially pay the content provider a % after expenses… hypotheically speaking… disregarding expenses… $10/month @ 1000 members is $2K @ %20…but that % would be a little too much @ 5000 members and becuase the provider would have less songs to manage…

Any ideas? Should i do a 1year contract at % and then do a salary structure after that?

I think you need to define the problem in a more coherent way if you hope to get quality responses.

huh… i thought it did…

In a reword of the above… i simply want suggestions on fair profit sharing for the content provider.

Number of hours worked * $ per hour

As the site grows, there will probably be a need to increase the number of hours.

With incredibly few exceptions every position has a market value, no matter how unique people think they are. If you can clarify what, exactly, this person would be doing and what their qualifications would be you can determine how much you would need to pay to attract and retain such a person.

What is this ‘content provider’?
If you can write a job description that will be the first step.

ahh … i see where you are leaning towards…

Content provider:
> someone who sources/collects music from various artists/managers/distributers
> perform ftp upload of songs that are released to him
> perform data entry of song details into database

That’s really about it…

That job description is too vague.

Could the job be handled by a teenage with no experience? If so pay minimum wage.

Does the job need to be handled by someone with industry contacts who can liaise with the artists, etc? that costs more.

Does the job need to be handled by someone who has legitimate music knowledge? most costs…

My impression is that you need to write down your thoughts when it comes to business matters, not just to get them documented but also to help you think it through.