New Subdomains

I am hosted with HostGator (VPS Level 3 with cPanel) and have always had this issue when creating new subdomains… Whenever I create a new subdomain, it always takes a while for me to be able to see it on the web.

The directory will be created as soon as I create the new subdomain in cPanel, but when I type in the URL “” Firefox says “Server not found”. Is this always the case for new subdomains, or is there a way to speed this up?


I’m with a different host, but for me they appear instantly.

I’m going to guess the issue is relating to the dns setup time for your host, i haven’t used hostgator myself but if you add an entry to the dns, not all hosts make it live instantly - there will (potentially) be a 1-24 hr delay on the dns update (this is done to reduce load on the server and allow batch updating) - this could explain why its not available instantly.

I believe you will be easy to solve that problem by contacting your web hosting provider about that.
Or maybe that is not allowed by your plan. In any way once you have such issue you need to contact your provider and not ask about that on the forum.

I believe that DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to replicate over the whole internet. Generally it will be a lot quicker than that, but sometimes it can take a couple of hours to update. It’s not so much a problem at your hosts end, more with you internet provider - their DNS hasn’t yet been updated, hence your browser can’t find the server.

One way to work around this is to add a temporary entry in your hosts file (assuming you’re using Windows and that you know how to edit the hosts file - let us know if not, we can explain).

I think it is better wait for 24 hours. In case no improvement then better to contact the hosting provider about this problem.

The hosting provider will probably just tell you “its dns propogation” or something and tell you to wait anyway.