New site for 1,000 items (Wordpress vs. Magento)

I have an ecommerce site I’m going to start. 20 categories, about 1,000 products. Limited budget. I’m doing the design and everything myself. Looking for a pro/con of Wordpress vs. Magento. I think Magento will be a pain as I’ll have to manually enter and order the categories, but the import then would be easy. Wordpress, I’ve done plenty of sites before, but never big ecommerce sites like this could be.


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I have experience with both in regards to ecommerce.

Wordpress: in conjunction with Woocommerce, you have access to one of the most easy-to-use and modern ecommerce systems out there. Plenty of plugins are available that extend the functionality of your store. One of them includes CSV/XML import of products/categories - which is a hit or miss depending on how you create the files.

Magento: owned by arguably the biggest ecommerce system in the world, eBay. Instantly you can rest assured that this system works and will always be supported. I find it more advanced and customisable. Because of this, it’s harder to use initially and seems even more difficult to learn if you aren’t tech-savvy. Like Wordpress, there are powerful plugins that extend its functionality.

To give you an answer: Wordpress is easier and can handle the 1000+ product import. Magento is a more reliable system (because it’s solely built for ecommerce).

Magento is no longer owned by Ebay.

That is completely subjective. A lot of people find Magento easy to use, and other other systems a like.

Plenty of extensions are available for Magento as well.

Magento comes out of the box with a csv import/export that can be extended to manage categories and other entities.

Magento is an out of the box ecommerce software package Wordpress is not it is a blog. Magento provides a common workflow and entities associated with running a full store including: taxes, multi-store, sales, currency, shipping, fulfillment, reporting, email marketing, and integrations with several payment gateways. Wordpress does not. Wocommerce is merely just a shopping cart lacking a full, robust ecomm workflow which Magento provides.

Not to mention Magento 2 was re-architected to make use of the latest advancements in technology where as Wordpress and Woocommerce are a sloppy mess of spaghetti code that is difficult to test and maintain.

This was just my experience and opinion :slight_smile:

The very fact that it was crated by eBay and developed by the most successful e-commerce website in the world shows gives us a clear insight into it’s true purpose. That was my point.

actually sticking with Magento for this site. the import of products, categories, etc, is easy once you get the bugs worked out.

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Presuming you meant “created”, that’s also not right:


With large site like yours, Magento is the best choice for you. WordPress still could work on that but the result is cannot as well as Magento does. Many people used Wordpress WooCommerce but after that they had to make WooCommere to Magento migration to back up their business. Be careful whenever you make the decision guy! Good luck!

now a days magento is more useful for Ecommerce after launched the new version…


[color=#333]As the OP made their decision on this three months ago, there seems little point in continuing the discussion.

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