New Responsive website question

Good Morning

Going to make our regular site responsive.

Our developers for our main site our way to expensive and I have found another company to make it.

Not really much of a techie but I believe they would need acsess to our ftp area.

Just wondering if this suggestion below from our hosting company is good after I asked the same question?

For that you have to create new FTP account and set document root path of the folder that you want to give access to them.

Just want to be on the safe side that nothing could alter on our main site.

Many Thanks Dan

Assuming you give them access to the folder containing your whole site (which is what I think you’re saying needs updating), once they have access in there, they can, in theory, delete every single file or folder in there. If you are thinking of giving them access to a lower level folder (part of your site), then they could do the same within that folder, but nothing at a higher level of the file structure. That said, the likelyhood of them doing that, or at least deliberately, is pretty low.

What I can imagine them wanting, is to take a copy of the whole of your existing site structure, so that they replicate that on their development server to work on, so they can make it responsive, conduct testing, ensure things haven’t been broken in the process and so on.

Thanks for the reply Chris!

Guess If I get hosting company to do a backup before they start work can always go back to that version correct?

Cheers again Danny

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