New Product Written to MySQL doesn't show up

I’ve had someone working on a web site that has products input into a MySQL database and then showing on a web page.

All of a sudden the new products are not showing up on the product page. I add a product and it will show up on the edit delete page, so I know that it has been input to the database, but it is not showing up on the product page.

The programmer states that he has not made any changes to the code or database so I am confused as to how this could happen out of the blue.

The functionality was working a couple of weeks ago and I added some products so I know it was working.

Now, I am unable to add products to the product page. However, I am able to edit existing products.

Is there anywhere I should start to look to try to figure this out? I’m assuming it has something to do with permissions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Have any changes been made to the server configuration?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I checked with Hostgator and there were no server configurations made.

What errors if any are either PHP or MySQL giving if any?