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I just joined and am wondering what the best way to use the website is. What is the best area for new members? are we allowed to post links to our websites and blogs here? (I have 1 website and 2 blogs)

Just wondering how things are done on this forum, thanks.

Welcome to the forums, @mahatmajapa.

The best way to get started is to read the FAQs, which will explain how we do things, and what is and isn’t allowed. If anything there is unclear, please feel free to post here and ask.


Thank you

Also, I am creating a Cryptocurrency this coming week. Would I be allowed to post about that here so that people can find it and start mining it if they want to?

You’re not allowed to make posts which are purely promotional, so no - that wouldn’t be allowed. Please see the FAQs for furrther clarification.


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