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Hmm… must be a peculiarity of the Windows version. I wonder if Windows doesn’t like relative links? Surely not? (It’s so long since I really worked in Windows, I can’t remember.) I’ll try to have a look at the Windows version of Bluefish later, and see if I can spot the problem.

If your index.html (or whatever.html) file is in the Head First Lounge folder, then the path to your image will need to be

<img src="[COLOR="#FF0000"]images/[/COLOR]chai.gif" width="50" height="100" alt="drinks"  />

What did you set the default browser to? Try changing it and see if that works. Again, I’ll try to have a go in Windows later.

OK, I’ve got a Windows 7 version - 2.2.0, which is slightly newer than my Linux version.

If I try to insert a picture from another folder - say, My Pictures - by using the “insert image” dialogue and browsing to it, then I get a full file path, starting wth C:. If I try to insert a picture from the images folder for my site, clicking the image in the side bar inserts it as images\picture.jpg (using the Windows \ version of the file path). Oddly enough, if I try to insert the same image using the dialogue menu, it inserts it as images/picture.jpg, which won’t work on a Windows system. Very odd. :confused: So clicking the image in the sidebar menu seems to be the quickest and most reliable method of inserting it.

Not sure about the browser problem. Which version of Windows are you running? I’m on Windows 7, and it’s showing two versions of Firefox in the dialogue - Windows 7 and Windows XP. Not surprisingly, one works and the other doesn’t, because the filepath is incorrect. If you have a shortcut icon for Firefox on your desktop, right-click it and look at “properties”. In there, there’s a line that says “target” with the correct filepath to the .exe. Check that this matches the command in the “external commands” section of preferences. You can also add Chrome to the list. Click the “add” button and enter the details in the bottom of the window. Again, copy and paste the file path from the shortcut properties. Remember to put double quotes round the filepath and add a space then ‘%p’ at the end.

Hope that helps. If not, let us know. :slight_smile:

I will get the images thing figured out later. Now I am trying to get it set up on blue fish to preview and I want to use Google Chrome. I go the shortcut on my desktop and
go to properties, the target shows this which I know is not right.

C:\Users\carol64\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe nothing there starts with C: programs files at all.

I realized I have 64 bit installed on this windows machine, do you know if it work with that?

I tried to find out from the manual but like most manuals they show nothing that will help you, they just show you a picture of where you can set up other browsers but
nothing about how to add another one.

I guess that is why I always go back to HTML Kit because I know it and it is so hard to start using a new editor, if it were not that I want to switch to Linux I would not
bother with trying other editors.

If you have any idea of how to get chrome to work on preview in bluefish I would welcome your ideas.


That’s exactly what I thought when I saw a similar path on mine - and it turns out we’re both wrong. :slight_smile: Go to the bottom of the “External commands” window and click the “add” button. It will insert an entry “untitled” at the bottom of the list under label. Double-click that and it will allow you to edit it to Chrome or whatever. Now double-click in the “command” column on the same row, and paste in the unlikely-looking location you have there. Add the quotation marks etc. So basically you have

"C:\\Users\\carol64\\AppData\\Local\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe" '%p'

Then check the default box to make that your default browser and click “apply”.

Should do - I was trying it on 64-bit Windows 7. I used the instructions in their wiki to install it. From what I can see there, if you hadn’t done it right, it wouldn’t open, so I think you should be OK.

Stick with it. I think the Linux version is slightly easier to use (or maybe that’s just because I’m used to it). I really like it now.

Let me know how you get on.

Thank you !! I got it to work, now I have a program I actually like to do web pages that I can use on Linux. I just wish that Paint Shop Pro would make a version that you
could use on Linux.

I have to experiment now with crossover. Wine will not work with Paint Shop and I don’t want to spend all the time to learn the Gimp, it may be good but it takes time before you can get to be good on a gaphics program and I have done paint shop for years now.

Crossover has a free trial that I can experiment to see if Paint shop will work, first I have to figure out how to set it up.

One more question do you notice that bluefish crashes quite often, it has been doing that on me.

Hooray! :lol:

Good luck with that. Post in the computer hardware/software section if you need help. I don’t know that I’ll be much use to you, but hopefully somebody will. :slight_smile:

It’s fine on Linux; I haven’t used it enough on Windows to know if there’s a problem there.