New LAMP Server

Hi all,

I’m looking for a new server for a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) setup and came across the Asrock ion 330.

Basically it has a Atom N330 processor, NVidia ION graphics, 2x 2,5" internal, supports RAID 0,1

I really like the support for RAID0, because IMHO is the best way to have continuous backups.
I also very much like the small form factor and the low power consumption (which is why I’m looking for a new server in the first place).
Furthermore I really don’t care about the graphics card at all; the system will probably be installed command line only, no GUI.

It will be used by at most 2 people at the same time, for web development (so lots of reading/writing small files) and not very extensively.
Besides linux (probably CentOS), apache, mysql and PHP the server will also have to run samba.

What do you guys think, will this computer fit my needs for a LAMP setup?