New JavaScript Technique?

I’m starting to notice a few websites having the slider technique with images sliding in the slider. if that makes sense.

Following are some examples.

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This one moves based on the mouse
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Does anyone know what the name of the technique is So i can look it up and learn :slight_smile:


here’s another one

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They are using something called jquery fancybox on their site. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it looks promising.

I don’t think it really has any specific name.

It’s basically just a simple slider applied twice. You could do it by moving the objects in a div that has overflow: none.

i think its a bit more than that. If you look at the Firebug while the slider is going or if you move your mouse the Margin: changes I think its like CSS 3 Animation.

This is called the Paralax effect: Everything you need to know about Parallax. It can be done with JS or CSS3.

awesome! I just found this tutorial

jQuery4u Demo - The Parallax Effect